Turning the other cheek

Finn was happily singing the words to Gucci Gang but interspersing his own lyrics in the middle of it “I need a microwave safe container for this leftover rice..”. I yelled in my meanest voice “Finn! What have I said about your lyrics lacking street cred! Do better”

This is a real problem at my house. You can’t find a glass bowl so you get some BPA is nothing to rap about! I won’t have it.

But then I realized he was bringing a giant brass anchor bottle opener he bought with his own money and a live crab to school for show and tell and I figured he would be OK. Cheers!

Back to school

I didn’t sleep last night. I knew that when I woke up this morning I would send Finn off to his last first day of elementary school. I knew that I would wake up to two more years of LieLie at home and then POOF! She’s gone into the ether of adulthood and nights around tables that aren’t mine. I remember taking her to her very first day of school, heavily pregnant with Finn, silently weeping and thinking then that one day I would be dropping her off at college. I never imagined it would seem like it was happening one fever dream later. My sweet Finn was just born, fat and happy and thumbsucking and he’s going to middle school in 364 days. How can it be?! In that same vein, I will forever be somewhere around age 30 in my mind. I was 30 at 13 and I’m 30 at 46. The spaces between are a fever dream. When I catch a glimpse of my kids in a window, their height and their beauty shocks me the same way that my wrinkles and my sloped shoulders do. I can’t find a memory of the time that has passed without really looking for it. I can’t see the individual images on the strip because I was busy watching the film. We all survived this day. School, PT, swim practice, chicken dinner and a cut finger. Another day in a life lived as best we can one frame at a time in a spinning whir.

Fifth and tenth grade (starring our friend and neighbor Marchie who is also going to tenth!)

Hipster beard

LieLie’s room is being made over from floor to ceiling and is currently is a state of utter disrepair. I brought home this gazillion pound frame for her to put a map of the catacombs in and needed my dad’s help hang it up. The required stud was off center and she balked at the placement so he fished around in her decor pile and pulled out a turkey beard and hung it up next to it for balance. You know, turkey beards fix EVERYTHING on HGTV so why not my house.

Ten minutes later the frame looked like this and the turkey beard was still there….

School starts on Monday ……..

Dinner conversation

Setting- Coralie is translating a French cartoon into English for Finn at dinner.

Coralie “her best friend is a germ so she keeps getting sick when ever they hang out”

Finn “it’s a shame she’s a germ and not a stem cell. Then her friend would make her well”

Coralie “chances are slim they would be compatible so it probably wouldn’t matter”

Finn “they are BEST friends and there is some great research being done to alter stem cells for compatibility.”

Me “eat your spinach”

Note to self- try to be a good friend like a compatible stem cell.

In other news here is my FB post from last night and the video of LieLie dancing onstage with Jonathan❤️. I remembered the very first time I ever saw him play on stage- on drums then- scared to death in a weird mall. I was so proud of him then for being a brave little kid and bringing the jam. Now I’m just loving his pure talent. The man has SKILLS. There is something so magical about seeing your kid so happy with someone you go back so far with. Music and roots = perfect.


Girls Trip!

Finn went to the Outer Banks with my parents for a week but LieLie had to finish driving school so we stayed put. Bless it. In NC getting a learners permit is like getting vetted to join the CIA or something. If you can stick it out for the 42 hours of hell and pass two test then you are in! By then you need reprogramming and you’ve taken up smoking and playing mahjong for money, but who hasn’t in this driving business?

She passed tho!

With a few days to spare before Finn’s return we hit the road for my home turf. We saw cousins and my Grandma, went down a spring fed river, hit the beach, drove thru a monsoon with our hazards on and ate shrimp off the boat. Momo had an excellent time, especially because my 93 year old Grandma was willing to hand feed him Cheerios one at a time after she dunked them in almond milk like he was the King of Sheba. She is a true OG savage and informed me she had no intention of ever going to the nursing home because “you can’t bring your dog or your gun.” She also gave me some new black pants for work (right size and everything) because “all of your jeans have holes in them and just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right.” Omg! I love her.

I hope one day Coralie will remember that we floated down the river and saw air plants and endangered snails and giant fish and I tried to swim in a spring and nearly croaked because I’m a warm water mermaid. We had so much fun. We laughed so much. The water was crystal clear, fresh, spring water and at the bottle neck at the end we could hear these girls in front of us talking about this big fish underneath us. One said “I’m no expert, but I think that is a mahi mahi or a flounder”. The other one replied ” oh my god, can you make salmon out of that?” We are currently making salmon out of everything we have. I hope she remembers her childhood was fun. It’s winding down so fast and the fun usually isn’t with me anymore.

15th Birthday Party

Months ago I saw a Groupon for concert tickets for Weezer and the Pixies the week of LieLie’s birthday. So I called up her BFF’s mom because her daughter’s birthday is the same week and we cooked up a plan! Tailgate supper and cupcakes and then rocking the night away! We thought we would be the coolest moms ever, just like Buddy Holly! Weezer is huge with this crowd! So months go by and the time comes and we organize our gluten, egg, dairy, nut free, vegetarian tailgate party with cupcakes made of air to accommodate everyone and some diet Snapple and we are jazzed!!!!! Then we explain the plan to the kids. Lielie looks at me like I’m a two headed cow and says “don’t you think we should picnic before we get there someplace nice or eat at home? It seems really dirty to eat in a PARKING LOT. ” I try to explain tailgating. She is having none of it. I’m laughing hysterically. So we get there and all of the kids are completely confused! “Why are we putting our chairs here? This is a PARKING LOT?! Is this safe? Where is the bathroom? I need to wash my hands.” I was dying. But the concert was great and the kids loved the music despite the mud and the rowdy crowd. Weezer puts on a great show.