Sweet 16

In practice I became a mother 16 years ago today. But in my heart I’ve been her mother since the day she came to exist inside of me. She was so fragile in there, like butterfly wings and unspoken dreams. I never ate lunch meat or took aspirin and I prayed everyday that I would do something right and she’d be reasonably normal and not look like Shrek. It must have worked because she’s fierce and loyal, smart and wise, kind and funny and most of all painfully sincere in all that she does. I’m proud of her in a way that brings me to tears when I try to put it in words. Coralie Elise Steenhuyse #thisis16

Today we went to the stanky, old school, Alligator Farm of my youth to celebrate her. The St Augustine posse consisting of the offspring of my highschool friends and some cousins has been partying hard all week and this was just the icing on the cake.

I’ve been riding dirty with 47 kids and surfboards shoved into the car like it is 1984. So far, so good except for the Popsicle and slim Jim diet they seem to be on. I’m also allowing everyone to spray Sun In on their heads because they are mostly not my kids… Don’t tell their moms.

Meanwhile in Miami the boys are living large!

The party never stops so more later from the land down under (Georgia). And for the record I’m staying at the beach forever so someone mail Appie Cat and the chickens to me.

Mountain to ocean

We went mountain sliding this weekend. Well, some of us did. The girls mostly napped on a rock and I protected my smashed toe from more smashing. I think the sock really pulled together my gym ensemble from earlier in the day.

Then LieLie drove us to see my parents in their new house in Amelia Island, Fl! They traded in lake life for a beach and a pool! I’m not complaining, but it was a long day in the car for the boys.

I handed Finn off to my sister and he’s gone off to learn to sail in Miami. I kept her daughter and we are about to have a girl cousin adventure week. And by adventure week I mean I plan to keep them fed and alive using only 9 toes. Getty up!

Quotes of the day

Finn saying his prayers “please don’t let the player in the pink headband named Rose be sad that she didn’t get the golden boot for the best goal in the history of soccer”.

Also Finn “damn! I thought I was a ‘revolutionist’ for serving this drink at my parties but it is called an Arnold Palmer!”


I’d quote LieLie, too but I haven’t seen her lately. 😉



The first night I held both of my newborn babies in the quasi dark silence of the hospital, I cried about the day they would leave home. For some reason I feel the same way about this summer. In four more weeks this summer will have matured into a school year. I shed a tear for that day far away this morning. I like watching Finn make breakfast and taking LieLie to work and rearranging the furniture and dumping out the closets and flipping thru found albums and paddling around the lake. I feel like I have two feet on the ground and my arms open wide to embrace the new because I’m not running and carrying too many things. I love you summer. Carry on.