Big kids

I have a newly minted 11th grader and 6th grader in da house!! In other words one is now an upperclassman and one is starting middle school. It doesn’t seem right or real. Such big transitions and no time for me to adjust or prepare. It just HAPPENED. It’s already done. I’m so proud but I’m also gut-wrenchingly sad. Finn said “one step closer to college!” on his first day of kindergarten. It really was and this really is, too.

I know that MoMo is fat. Don’t judge me. Here is the video that Coralie aka LieLie from class of 2021, made of her last day of school.

Tuesday is so long

Today Finn was telling me a big story and I asked him where he got all of that information. He said “it’s from one of my favorite sub- Reddit’s”. Of course it is, you are ten, what else would you be reading….

He made the u10 All Star Team. Woot! So baseball season keeps going starts again right away. We will play the All Stars in other places. This will all overlap with summer swim season…… lord help me.


This little singing nugget becomes a junior tomorrow. This is getting so real.


In other news a student asked me “is your tutu made out of ancient grains?”

It is linen. Apparently it is a “linen tutu”, in fact, classic style since the Neolithic.

Come to momma summer. I only have one nerve left and everyone is on it.

The weekend

It is Mother’s Day. My own mother gave me a tremendous gift and kept Finn overnight so I could go to a fancy cocktail party last night in a barn with chandeliers. I was really looking forward to getting my prom look on since my day to day look could be described as “shabby unchic”. I had my straightening iron AND my curling iron plugged in to cover all my basis. Then I got in the shower and the lights went out. I was naked and afraid for a second. But the real problem was they never came back on. It was pouring rain and quite dark in my bathroom. So I ended up going to my party with completely wet hair and lord knows what sort of flashlight eye liner. It was fun though.

Friday night was baseball (imagine that) and LieLie’s Singer Songwriter showcase. All original songs , written, mixed, produced and recorded by each kid. Such a pleasure to watch all of those talented, brave, motivated kids do their thing. One boy said “I’ve never performed in front of anyone before” then rapped his little heart out. He was awesome. Arts education is important. Expressing your feelings is important. #redfored

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the busy, two places at once, kindhearted moms I know. And especially to my own mom who is still picking up my slack and feeding me on a very regular basis. Love you momma! And special shout out to my aunts and uncles today. It is the first Mother’s Day without Old Grandma.

Run, fight, hide

I’m watching my students take a test and I can’t do any work because PowerSchool is down AGAIN. I also can’t do any work because I keep tearing up and checking the lock on my door. I’ve been reading the news about the boys who rushed the school shooter in Colorado. One boy died, AGAIN, so that others might live. You are supposed to hear that about Jesus, not kids. These boys who fight, these teachers who rush in instead of away, these kids who hold doors shut with their bullet riddled bodies are the mightiest of heroes. They are not battle trained, they didn’t know they were heroes before tragedy struck, they just reacted in the best way they knew how. This shouldn’t be a conversation in my classroom, AGAIN. I shouldn’t have to remind these kids (and my own) to always run and fight if you must. Hiding gets the most people killed so it is a last resort. This is breaking my heart.

Close to home

I had a massive parenting fail this week. Finn’s hermit crab died. He loved that critter, like make him a bowl of dinner and put him on the table with us loved him. So I sent him to the yard to bury Hermie because I was really busy making ‘egg roll in a bowl’ in my wok and couldn’t stop. His heart was broken but he did it. I was still stirring away when he went to check the grave and his chicken ran by with THE CRAB IN HER MOUTH!! She dug him up with her chicken foot. Omg, ya’ll I was dying and stirring and yelling catch the chicken. I had no idea how to make this ok so I got hysterical and started laughing. I’m not proud of any of this but I’m not going to lie, that egg roll in a bowl was so good it was like I didn’t even make it.

In other news, I spent all day talking about the UNCC shooting with my students. Some of the most poignant points of the day from the perspective of teenagers are as follows: they shouldn’t have given the killer publicity, the run/fight/hide protocol actually saved lives, Riley fought but I’m not sure I’m that brave but he didn’t know he was until that happened either, none of the duel enrolled highschool kids were on the auto alert emergency phone list (I contacted the college admin), they said the killer was smart and a good student in the press because he wasn’t black and the media is racist in how they report crimes, not all mentally ill people kill (need to frame it in different words in hope of de-stigmatizing mental disorders) and “so in so was in the class/building, etc”. It was a long day. I hope I didn’t fail.

This week, my ten year old baby, who becomes a middle school student later this month, got the game ball, marched for teachers and told me “I read it on my favorite subreddit”. My big girl is rarely seen, off to work, school, UNCC for test prep and out with friends. I knew the day would come when we were ships passing in the night. I just didn’t know the day was this week. Some of these things make me sad but neither of my kids died in a hale of heroics and gunfire so it is OK. I hope they would fight evil if it came to their door, I believe they could be heroes if they needed to be and I pray they never know if I’m right. Let them march and not fight, Lord!