Birthday boy

Finnian Henri has been well celebrated and he is well and truly six years old. The day started off with tears because somehow in the night he had come to the realization that one step closer to college is also one step closer to death. After a six am pep talk along the lines of ‘you might get hit by a bus tomorrow so we should go eat cake for breakfast today’ we did just that. I’m always a bit unsure of how to respond to an existential crisis in a small child but I figure that is why God invented cake. But after that the day was amazing. We remembered his early birthday celebration in France. And spent some time thinking of Mamy and Papy across the pond. We sang happy birthday in every language we could and he was as delighted with his new notebook as he was with his Legos. Then I visited his/our school for a picnic under a tree. Finn and I read a plane book aloud together and made paper airplanes with his class. After school we headed for Gimmie and Grandaddy’s for pizza and ice cream cake and a new giant airplane. He’s sleeping with his plane now and I know his heart is full. Mine is too. Lots of people love my boy and for that I am thankful everyday.








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