Multi tasking

I constantly amaze myself with my ability to do many things at once. For example, I was able to nap during each kid’s read aloud time. I had two naps before 8 pm. Then I had some red wine called “layer cake merlot” covering dinner and a drink all in one gulp. Now I’m blogging, dish washing, clothes washing and laying in my bed all at once thanks to the power of modern machines and my own extreme fatigue. Nap three is going to be a long one.

LieLie is still pitiful but Finn is nearly recovered so hopes are high for everyone sleeping through the night. Well, I plan to anyway because I taped a note on Finn’s nightlight that says “yell for daddy not mommy, he missed you when he was out if town and wants to wake up with you every two hours tonight”. I was kidding but now I think that sounds like a brilliant idea actually.

Thanks for all of the kind words and prayers this week. I’ve needed them and so have the kids. Keep them coming for LieLie she still feels just awful.

Tomorrow is a another day to do better and be better and feel better and brush our hair better.

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