This day is so bad it is actually funny. I think my brain has shorted out from stress because the doctor just asked me who my dermatologist is and I said Naomi Campbell. Then I realized I just named a super model so I started giggling. Then I looked at the doctor and realized he was typing that in because he wears clogs and knows nothing of super models and I lost it. It was like trying not to laugh when someone toots in church. Lost it. Then he gave me this mess to drink and I sobered right up. This drink is the reason people skip routine screenings. I wish I had skipped this.


So here are the highlights of my day- got an oil change so I could get my maintenance light off in my car so that I could get inspected. My tag expires today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute….. But the mechanic found a Frankenstein neck bolt in my tire. So, instead of my plan, I had to get my brand new tire repaired. Then I had to drive to the hospital for my routine test, with my almost expired tag and was really truly nearly tee-boned in an intersection. I was almost killed by a speeding lady in a large SUV who never even slowed down when the garbage truck and I were run off the road on either side of the intersection. Feeling so happy to be alive that I was giddy and then there was barium. BARIUM. It taste like …well…..barium. There is a reason that most mucho lattes are not radioactive. A good reason.

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