Radioactive perspective

Feeling content and thankful and glowing in the dark tonight. So here are some of the beautiful things that have been happening:
there are still leaves on the trees during the walk to soccer

A teacher came to school with a giant bucket of squirrels

LieLie had a day off from school and she and her karate partner opted for a trip to the bookstore and the hardware store instead of going to the movies. I overheard them discussing the merits of Einstein. They fight to defend their black belts on Saturday. They are tougher than they look!

My sister Kara is getting married in three weeks. She had Polish chickens on her shower cake!

Finn can’t spell “from” but his gift of Chapstick and a mini disco ball made me really happy. You got to love a man who makes his own envelopes.

And so life goes on.

2 thoughts on “Radioactive perspective”

  1. That is a beautiful life! Thank you for my morning tear of joy and love for all of you amazing Johnhuyese-Steensons.

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