Baby sister got married!

I remember when Kara was born and I would try to rock her to sleep and she only wanted mom. I loved her with a passion usually reserved for ones own children, no matter if she liked it or not! Now she only wants Jeff and she’s all grown up, hitched up and a Mrs! My first baby has flown the coop. My goodness did she look radiant! What a gorgeous bride and happy groom and fun day!! The kids were all so kind and well behaved. None of them fell in the creek, spilled blood, required a swift kick or got hives. Well, Deux got hives but she is an adult and it was alcohol related and therefore worth it. My dad talked some tough talk along the lines of “she’s Jeff’s problem now, no returns!” But he was actually a semi-stoic, semi-weepy mess. My mom looked gorgeous. She was downright weepy and so thankful for all the love the newlywed share. They really are a lid and a pot. It was nontraditional and lovely and fun. Now it is the day after and all 22 people in the wedding party are going out for pancakes. Lord help the pancake people!







2 thoughts on “Baby sister got married!”

  1. I’m a little “semi-weepy” myself at the thought of that adorable little girl, who loved to be sans clothing and rocking in her musical rocker, all grown up and getting hitched. The pictures are awesome!! Love you all so much!!

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