More Tennessee

Kara married the brother of one of my best friends. So now we are sort of related (yeah!) but we’ve declared her daughter Marin to be our totally real cousin. She is the extra cousin in the photos below with my niece and nephew, Daniel and Ruby. So, I’m on the tail end of a horrible bout of walking pneumonia. Loads of antibiotics, steroids, inhalers and whining. I went to the wedding freshly out of bed, having been laid up for a week. Nails and hair undone for the wedding, kids who packed themselves, bloodshot eyes from coughing and a “I care barely make it so people will have to accept me as I am attitude” but we ended up having an absolute blast. The moonshine samples on every corner paired nicely with cough syrup. The switch blade combs procured solved the no hairbrush on the trip dilemma and I was traveling with a pack of trustworthy adults. So we made the most of it! Especially the kids.










2 thoughts on “More Tennessee”

  1. Your pictures are absolutely wonderful and blog even better. Did the shine cause Jenn’s hives? It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Breaks my heart that Sarah and family couldn’t be there. She was sick as a dog last week and would not have been able to get together all that goes into a trip for Nora. Then Nora came down sick yesterday with sore throat and now fever. Hugs and love, Mama Deux

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