Little reiki man

So my weekend has been lousy. I won’t bore you with the details but technology and a migraine were involved. Both problems were mine and people with double, disco vision cannot set up their new computer no matter how many classes they teach online….They can just cry a lot and hide in the dark. I’m also still coughing and whining….. So today I was laying in the dark listening to my loud, annoying pulse and trying unsuccessfully to think positive thoughts while the kids went to the movies with Alex. It wasn’t working and was literally imagining myself on a heap like Job but instead of dung I was sitting on a pile of unwashed clothes and broken computers. I was one step from busting out some bad poetry when Finn came barreling into my dark room and said “I’m so glad to be home, it smells like YOU in here”. Then he climbed in my bed in his little sweater vest and put his hands by my head and said “I’m going to give you my energy and help you.” And he did.

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