Shout out

I came home to Gimmie in my house cooking GRAVY!!!!! That’s right!!!! She is my favorite.

Too bad Alex wasn’t here to eat. In the last week I tried to make braised lamb with root vegetables and accidentally boiled it into turnip stew. I made brautworst that were entirely too encased in natureI casing. I tried to make organic cherry pie and made brown glue. The list goes on. But I do think he probably lost five pounds working from home last week. Since he’s very thin that is not a good thing….

My computer woes are not entirely behind me but progress is being made. Yesterday Alex erased 4000 photos and 62000 emails from my PHONE. That is not a typo. I’m just not into erasing and cooking but I’m great at other things. I’m just sure of it!!! So maybe now my phone and computer will become friends again.

In other news the kids had check ups today and they have never been healthier!! Turnips and sausage might be nasty but they make kids grow. Finn is four feet tall and LieLie is 4’11.

Winter is here so please invite me to your house if you live in the tropics.

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