Once upon a time

Two years ago, when Finn was turning four, he won Disney on Ice tickets at the dentist. We heard that you should dress up to go, so Finn went as a Japanese Beyblader with a fire wig and I went as King Robert from Game of Thrones. We missed the memo that you were suppose to dress up like a princess and Buzz Lightyear but that was OK. The show had a Toy Story 3 section and things got pretty tense in the stadium with the bad bear put the cast in rolling ice jails. But then good started to triumph over evil and Finn got really excited and stood up on his chair, put three fingers in the air and yelled Mockingjay!!!!!!! Every teenage girl in earshot went nuts and a rallying cry spread around us. He picked that up from hearing people talk about the book. Lord help us after he hears people talking about the movie……

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