Reality versus fiction/virtual

Today Finn was carrying around a folded piece of cardboard with a keyboard drawn on it that he has had since preschool. It is his most portable “electronic” devise since it is flat. He also had a pad of paper on which he was drawing the things he found while pretend googling on his cardboard keyboard. For example, he drew a a picture of two cartoon characters named Finn and Jake because “I googled my name and that’s what was the most popular search item.” This came to light because I was trying to relax so that the chiropractor could reattach my head when Finn (the real human) started waving a sheet of paper in my face and saying “this is what you get if you google my name!” The sweet chiropractor asked him if that was what really happened if he googled him name and Finn said he had never actually done it but he felt confident that would be the number one result. So this all establishes that Finn is an odd six year old but does this thought process make him creative? The jury is out. He chose the cardboard and paper over an actual iPad. I would have gladly rolled in any amount of electronics if it meant being left alone during neck traction! He engaged in a multi step thought process involving real and imaginary beings and probability. But none of it was based on things he made up himself. I often hear teachers bemoan the fact that children play Minecraft chase on the playground and draw Pokemon characters in art class. These things are not considered creative play by educators and in fact they find TV/game play depressing at best. However, I’m not sure that is true. Why is an Enderman chasing Steve worse than a cowboy chasing an Indian (that was how we rolled in the 70’s)? Why is drawing three apples in a bowl more creative than drawing pikachu in a ball? I’ve seen both of those things on my dining room table. One is a still life and one represents the end of creativity? I don’t get it. But I was thinking of these things when we went to the library after the chiropractor. Finn was getting books on (I’m not joking) the Hindenburg disaster, African mammal migratory patterns, Pearl Harbor and why rain forest insects are so colorful. Lielie was getting novels about cyborgs, children who can see beyond the veil, kids with wings and graphic Bone novels. Fiction loving girl and fiction avoiding boy united by blood but separated by library sections……she is considered creative by the world at large and he is not. Should I be making her read about migration along with cyborgs? Should I be looking for airship fiction for him? Should I be reading my own books and leave them the heck alone? Probably.



2 thoughts on “Reality versus fiction/virtual”

  1. They are readers-that, in my opinion (and I suspect yours as well!) is all that really matters. And you have shared enough about Finn for me to believe he is a super creative youngster. Relax and enjoy your two young blessings!!

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