Reality versus fiction part two

**If you haven’t already done so, read yesterday’s post first**

Finn moves from one place to another by leaping, crawling, break dancing, karate kicking, etc. unless he’s under duress. After two nights of croup I saw him jumping on the trampoline with no outerwear or shoes in 37 degree Fahrenheit wind and unleashed my inner fishmonger on him! Get in here right now before I snatch you baldheaded I’ve been awake for two nights with you…..etc. So he starts performing a circus routine from trampoline to house since he has an audience and manages to poke himself in the eye with the cardboard computer. The eye starts to cry bitterly in protest and doesn’t stop. It is the day after Thanksgiving. Doctors offices are closed. Urgent care doesn’t open until five so we head for the minute clinic in our hood. The minute clinic is in the CVS which is the only game in town for many, many things so everyone knows our names and they know our schedule. Example: I walked in there dressed as a princess the Wednesday before Halloween at seven am. Staff comes rushing up to me asking if the kids are OK since it is too early for me to be there. No one mentioned my outfit just the time. So yesterday I stroll in and I hear Oh No! Poor Finn! I felt like I was in an 80’s sitcom. One long wait, all pantyhose rearranged by size (Finn learned that from LieLie) and 14 impulse buys later we found out his eye was mostly fine but his ears were infected, severely, about to blow and he was raging with fever. Excellent. Never ever ever mentioned his ears hurt.
So after that I was feeling less neurotic about who was reading what and more neurotic about how both of my children might fail to mention gangrene or a missing digit. Lielie once walked around with a fully broken arm for days. If they can breath and it isn’t a migraine then they are “fine”. Thank goodness for guardian angels!
Then this morning Finn shows me this

It is a humming bird, seen from above, built out of blocks in Minecraft. It is part of a museum exhibit of lady bugs and birds harmed by pesticide. They are all built from squares (the only shape there is in the program) and all completely recognizable. The entire museum is shaped like an earthworm if viewed by an airplane. Beside it is a journal full of poems and the cardboard computer he uses to google pictures of insects in his mind. I’m going to declare him creative in my own mind and be proud of his nonfiction themes in digital art. So what if it is digital? He was born in this world and knows no other.
Then there is his poor sister who made the mistake of asking where Asia was at dinner last night. After her father stopped choking to death on his kabob he gave her a textbook to read. Quote of the day from him “the lamb has been southernized! I made gravy to dip the kabobs, now even Finn will eat it”. She has been devouring the nonfiction text since. She also built this today

So she’s ok, too. We are all ok in every way.

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