The good and the bad and the ugly

We watched the Christmas parade in the cold rain yesterday. We cheered our wet, frozen friends as they bravely marched by. I’d brought homemade check mix made with goat caramel for a snack. Let me just say that it is extra nasty in the rain…. As usual, the middle school posse did not want their photos taken. I told LieLie the world was going to think I liked Finn better and she said “you will soon, I’m only going to get meaner and stinkier next year” then laughed like a maniac. Oh my, six grade is so very six gradish!

Then LieLie missed her Christmas chorus performance because I had the time wrong. We arrived early for rehearsal we thought but were actually late and it was terrible. She carries a whole song alone so we let down a whole choir. I feel horrible. I stumble often but I rarely fall into full on failure. I fell hard yesterday.

Then we rushed off to Christmas in Davidson. It was still raining and there was standing water on the stage. I was worried she wouldn’t pull it together after the choir fail. But LieLie danced her Russian dance with zest and remarkable stage presence. She is one of those rare creatures who does everything better with an audience.

Then protesters arrived and laid down in the streets protesting flaws in the justice system. It was an excellent example of a peaceful protest and a perfect teachable moment with the kids.

Then home to watch FSU win the ACC championship in the same cold rain that had been falling on us all day long. Just down the road from me but on a day too busy to make it there! Turns out they didn’t need me there tho!!







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