A bit of weird in the air today

Let me just tell you that it was FREEZING today. It was drizzling all day and once in a while you could see a snowflake. So while I was walking to get LieLie from school I started to have an “I’m from Florida and this experience must lead to certain death and being eaten after the thaw by dingos” moment I decided to hide in the grocery store until she appeared (school, store, etc share a parking lot.) That is when I spotted this

This is what I’ve been missing my whole life! A few sprinkles and the monkeys will put their butts back in the barrel!
Then LieLie and one of her best friends appeared and we started walking and shivering (especially the one in shorts) and they started to notice how many bushes were in full bloom. We even saw daffodils among the Christmas decorations. Something is just not right about that.


Really hoping for black ice to make a delayed start for school tomorrow. This weather has to have some benefit !

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