Throw back Thursday

I had to get the tip top of my ear removed today. Skin cancer sucks and so does the fact that ear cuffs with dangling feathers are no longer in style because one of those would totally cover the scar! I guess I should have worn more hats and less ear cuffs in the 80’s

On a jolly note. I finally found just the right size cupcake holders! Now I can eat just one.

Because it is Thursday I’m throwing it back six years. Finn is one week old and Daniel is wearing the outfit that Finn just wore in his school picture this year. Love, love, love those four maniacs.


2 thoughts on “Throw back Thursday”

  1. You look gorgeous and radiant in this pic even if you’re sans a tip of ear!!! Plus, YOU could still rock an ear cuff with dangling feathers and probably bring them back in style! Tis the season for elf ears, you should try some on for size … and be sure to send a picture! 🙂

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