Driving means facing front

We often have the hard conversation while riding in the car. We aren’t looking at each other and it is easier that way. Voices from the back seat tell me their fears and ask embarrassing questions. Yesterday, on the way to school, six year old Finn said this “Santa and the elf can’t be logical, what they do is impossible but I choose to believe in the magic of Christmas, mommy. I’m allowed to choose that even if my brain says something can’t happen.” I took a very deep breath and said that I choose to believe in fun and magic whenever I can. Because I do. But his words felt like a hammer on my heart. It will always be harder for his mind to except the whimsy in the world, in the same way it is hard for LieLie to see cold, hard facts without the wiggle room of a possible miracle.

My friend Alicia sent me this today

I remember that day and the run in with the rattlesnake but I had never seen that picture. She found a hidden treasure for me in her computer. A little miracle in a hard drive.

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