That wasn’t the plan

I had a very busy morning that involved a birthday party, eye doctor, orthodontist, and fabric store. In the midst of all that LieLie had a wicked bad asthma attack. Despite the bag full of drugs in my purse we couldn’t get it under control and ended up at a walk in clinic. While we were waiting I
started choreographing a dance routine in my mind. It was going to be amazing and create a perfect photo opportunity for me. It did not go as planned either….. See photos below. But the best part was that when I said I’d worked up a little routine for when we get out of here, no one blinked an eye. They just said “what do we do first?” They are always game and I LOVE them for it. Then later at the pharmacy the manager heard about the bad day and suggested we dance it out and started moonwalking and so did we. So it was actually a good day except for the whole not breathing thing.






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