Not much happening here

I cooked all day today. I will not cook again until after Christmas. Pie for all! Zucchini pumpkin bread is totally a vegetable for the next 48 hours. When you have to cook without milk, gluten, potato, almond and pitted fruits, Christmas baking becomes rocket science.
Lielie is still burning with fever and breathing like a grampus. We are not sure if she has pneumonia but going to the flu riddled hospital for a chest x-ray is out of the question so we are erring on the side of caution. I gave her to my mom for the night because giving away your sick, grumpy, preteen for 24 hours can refresh the Christmas spirit you felt flagging a little. It also prevents eye rolling and whisper hiss yelling. Mom had Finn last night and he came home rocking a shoebox, ammo pack.
A cold mist fell all day so the boys were stuck inside. Finn and his friend Mateo guarded the fort and built a lot of Lego flying machines. Mateo also told me that his mom looks exactly like Lady Gaga when she wakes up in the morning. I may have laughed until I cried….
Alex worked all day.The day was boring, in a really good way. I could use a few of those in a row.



Happy Christmas Eve Eve!!! May your lights shine bright tonight! Lots of peace and love to you all.




3 thoughts on “Not much happening here”

  1. So sorry Lie is sick!! Hope she feels better tomorrow!! Hope it’s not the flu OR pneumonia!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to your awesomely beautiful family Jana!!!!

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