Letters to elves make me happy

You can’t see that this letter is addressed to “Dear Elfs” because it is stuck to the advent candle with sticky tack right on the salutation. But it is, and the elves were, by amazing good fortune, able to meet Finn’s request. Feeling all of the Christmas love in that letter. He asked for a present for his sister and not for himself. She often buys him gifts and helps him with his chores so that he earns his allowance money. He almost never has a way to pay it back. Good thing there is an Elf on the Shelf with connections! So happy that they love each other dearly! One of my most fervent prayers is that they always will, that when I am gone they will still want to be a family. When I am gone I want them to hold each other’s hands and do each other’s chores and rock each other’s babies.

My ear surgery is scheduled for the 31st. I will start the new year cancer free!

Happy Christmas Eve my friends. Xoxoxo


5 thoughts on “Letters to elves make me happy”

  1. That is SO sweet! I’m glad the elf could accommodate Finn’s request for his big sister! My procedure is scheduled for 31st also so I hope it’s a lucky day for both of us! Merry Christmas!!!

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