More Christmas!

Christmas at Gimmie and Grandaddy’s house was a super jolly good time, even before we started hitting the egg nog! LieLie and Grandaddy each got ugly new dolls. I got a new toaster/convection oven! Woot! I would post a picture of my pitiful old one but it would shame the family. Let’s just say that I drove it til the wheels fell off, and the bumper. There was a lot of laughing and everyone was shot at least ten times but no one lost an eye on the last great Nerf War of 2014. I may have gained six pounds eating shrimp and “zucchini fish” (Finn only eats squash battered and fried like a southern fish by Gimmie.) I may have lost it already though since I’ve read that drinking red wine and laughing are both just like going to the gym. Either way, I’m ending the day happy and so are all my people. Well except for Mr Kiwi. He has been taken hostage by Grandaddy’s ugly elf posse! So there may be a last last Nerf battle before the new year! Merry Christmas everyone and to all a good night!






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