Welcome to 2015

This year will be filled with joy, pain, fear, glee, failure, triumph, boredom and panic, just like every year in our glorious lives. The harsh and the happy rolled into one chaotic firecracker that burns faster than I would like. But burn it does and I want to see every sparkle and feel every spark because this is it! This is my life! Warts and all! These are my monkeys and this is my circus. I’m naming it and claiming it, falling down ten times and getting up 11 and every other cliche expression I can think of. Bring it! When I’m cremated and my important parts are in heaven eating Cheetos, I want someone to write a eulogy for me that says “she tried really, really hard.” So there it is, my new year’s resolution. I’m going to do my best and try really hard.

And I’m going to live, teach and share this quote from the Lego movie because it is so very true!

Much love to you in 2015!

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