Am I a dog person?

I’ve had a rescue cat or two my entire adult life. They don’t require you to come home on time or need trips to the groomers. I’ve never had a dog or wanted a dog. We travel too much. But lately I’m nervous when Alex is gone and the kids are big enough to help. So I’ve been looking at rescue websites…..and today I found this little thing. Six pounds of bearded chaos. He is a local boy, found starving under a bridge, stares blankly at toys because he never had one but loves people! I’m in love with that face. I’ve written to them to see if Appie Cat and I can come visit this little beauty. If it is meant to be then it will all work out! Just don’t tell Alex until it is too late…:) Just kidding. He couldn’t think of anything to say about this face so
I took it as a yes.


11 thoughts on “Am I a dog person?”

  1. Jana, I think that dog is totally you. Only you would pick that one out of all the others! I don’t know how good he will be about protecting you when Alex is gone, but he sure will add one more source of fun and craziness to your already awesomely crazy life! Go for it (if Appie cat likes him, of course).

  2. Poor little guy looks like he could use some TLC! Make sure the kids have a meet and greet with him as well to gauge his reactions around smaller, faster moving people! Keep us posted!!!

  3. That dog is perfect in every way!!! I bet when it came to push and shove he could really mangle up a burger’s ankle too.

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