Quote of the day and other things

LieLie while eating a giant, Florida avocado with a spoon “isn’t it amazing that I’m sitting here with a perfect avocado in the dead of winter?! I love technology.”

I love it too. I love that I can dog shop, order shoes and download books from my sick bed. Day three of a very sore ear, a wicked chest cold and bone deep fatigue. I’ve been asleep more than I’ve been awake for days. I haven’t been reading or reflecting or planning. Just sleeping. Apparently I’d hit the wall but failed to notice until I laid down after my surgery and never got back up! Hopefully I will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes tomorrow to put away Christmas and tame the feral children before school starts on Monday. Or not. I’m trying to listen to myself a little better than I had been, obviously.

This guy pops up now and then to entertain me. He is NOT photogenic. He always looks feminine and chunky in photos and he is neither of those things. He’s actually beautiful and solid as a rock. This picture looks a little bit more like him then most do but you still can’t see how green his eyes are right now.



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