SAD season has arrived

So yesterday I went from being really tired to feeling flat. I watch for that feeling in winter because at some point it arrives. So I start giving myself mental test like “if zombies were trying to get in, would I run? No. Would I get up and lock the door? Maybe.” That “no” means I’ve moved beyond vitamin D, extra sleep, and outdoor time in the am. It is time to become friends with my sunbox lamp. Not now and then but everyday, first thing in the morning, no excuses. So I got up early and dragged the thing in the bathroom and took off most of my clothes and started sitting there trying to think positive thoughts. That was really boring so I decided to clean the tub but I’m not allowed to bend over because of my ear. So I was pushing a magic eraser around with my foot, in my underwear, under a spot light at six am. And here comes Finn. I expect him to exclaim in fear that I’ve lost my last marble. But no, he looks in the mirror and says “I look great in this light.” Then he wandered off.

I decided light therapy might be helping on the way to school because I started executing my best drivers seat dance moves. Which made me realize I haven’t danced for more than a week:( Then Finn says “stop that, have you lost your mind? You are going to crash us”. And I said no! This song is party like it is 1999 and that requires dancing! But I didn’t start laughing so more lighbox tomorrow. And the next day…..

8 thoughts on “SAD season has arrived”

  1. Maybe NC will be sunnier tomorrow since we had a sunny (but painfully cold) day here today! Stick your face in the window and soak it up! ‘Plenty of sunshine heading your way … zip a dee doo da zip a dee ay’! 🙂

  2. Hmmm…maybe that’s my problem…I’m thinking I’m just depressed about winter. I saw this yesterday and it made me laugh:

    The light display that makes me feel the most festive during the holidays comes from my seasonal affective disorder lamp.

    Oh, and one other thing…I think you should sue Mike Huckabee. I can only think about your blog when I see the title of his stupid book.

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