This was a great day

I woke up tired and the kids were grumpy. They failed to do what needed doing on their own, after being reminded, after being nagged and so I sat them down and gave them a hiss whisper lecture. But then they were sorry and they ran around frantically packing lunches and doing chores and finding their own socks. But I was still tired and grumpy. Then I went to school with Finn to be the room mom instead of a school employee and set up the art gallery crawl. Finn ran in, put on his beret (that he sewed and painted himself) and he lined up and he looked PROUD. Like Nobel prize winner proud, and all of the frustration of the morning melted away because I am doing something right! I’m helping to
make a school that makes children feel pride about hard work done well. I’m raising a boy who can sew and sing and glue credit cards onto water colors and multiply and read and play chess and grow his hair out like Crystal
Gayle and feel 100% secure in his skin and in his school while he does them. Those are really good things. Then I got a call about meeting a dog from a rescue service because our application is approved and they think they have a match for us! Then I picked LieLie up and she had aced her tests and was so helpful in the after school karate, parkour,errands, traffic jams and dinner hubbub that is my life from 3-7 that I wanted to buy her a pony. Then for a cherry on top of my day, I got the call that one of my most favorite and deeply loved people had gone off to rehab for a month. I felt like I could put down a two hundred pound burden i’d been carrying for two years and dance. She finally looked the dragon in the face, named it and claimed it and took a really big step forward and into the flames. 30 days of looking into the abyss and trying to
figure out why you jumped in is not for the meek. Prayers are appreciated. So my day ended on a HIGH note:)





2 thoughts on “This was a great day”

  1. so much love for this post. And you and your fabulous children. I need to be around people like you and not this sad, close-minded town.

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