These things wouldn’t feel like thorns on another day. But today is today and not another day and I spent the night on the bathroom floor so there you have it.

My list of thorns:

Snuggled up with Finn trying to get him to nap this afternoon he seemed quite dreamy. I asked him what he was thinking about and he said “how there is no possible way Santa is real.”

Finn was having a nice dinner of soup broth and suddenly hopped up, tossed his little foam booster and declared himself “big enough”. What?! You can’t stay funsize forever?! It was the last of the last baby item in the house. I have big kids. I. Have. Big. Kids.

LIeLie was finishing her book club book and was sobbing tonight. Not a little rolling tear, a can’t breath sort of tear. The book was called a Mango Shaped Place and throughout the book she raved about how much Mango reminded her of Appie cat. Then Mango died of asthma!!!!!! Appie is suffering mightily with his asthma. It hit a little too close to home.

Everything felt a little to close to home today but I was very glad to be home.

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