New tricks

I went to a 12 hour education conference today and I LOVED it. Each hour of the day you could choose your topic. I chose school leadership and planning backwards from your end goal sorts of things most of the day. But I went to two sections for purely selfish reasons. One was educating boys. You may have noticed that the little boy brain living in my home flabbergasts me. There are reasons for that:) I learned that violent drawings and writings are normal, hurrah!, and that the fabulous website exists. I also went to a lecture by a family organizing expert. She was hilarious and pointed out the fact that if no one is naked, hungry or dirty you are doing OK. She said if you start the dishwasher before bed and unload it before you do anything else in the morning it will change your life. That happens naturally around here sometimes but it isn’t a conscious thing. Tomorrow it becomes a conscious thing because I need all the help I can get! In fact I really need that lady to move in for a while with seven hardworking dwarfs and some useful forest creatures and their BFF named Gluten Free Chef. But for now I’m happy to report that despite my absence, no one was naked, hungry or dirty when I got home.

While I was conferencing, Finn was on a field trip with Aunt Kara to the children’s theater in Charlotte. Here is his take on it “it was amazing to ride thru a tunnel of sky scrapers on a bus but the play was about a purple purse. Isn’t that weird?” I really like the words “a tunnel of skyscrapers”. When you are small and the buildings loom large and block out the sun it makes perfect sense.

Lots of things made sense today. I like that, too.


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