My first dog!

We adopted a three year old rescue shih tzu today. His name is Romeo. We thought about changing it but he comes when you call him so I think the name is here to stay. He was surrendered to a kill shelter five days ago by an overwhelmed family who hadn’t been grooming him. Then he was saved from there by the Rottweiler large dog rescue society where he clearly didn’t fit in! He only weighs 8 pounds! But they shaved off his matted fur and advertised his homelessness online. Finn saw him and said “there is our dog!” And it turned out he was right! He goes to the door when he needs to go out, doesn’t bark, likes the cat and prefers a lap to anywhere else. He walks on his leash and eats piles of food and despite having a really mind blowing and traumatic last week of his life he is as sweet as can be. I have ever had a dog of my own before. I think it will be quite lovely.






20 thoughts on “My first dog!”

  1. Romeo may not know it yet but he is the luckiest dog in the world right now!! He is going to be so loved and spoiled!! YAY for your first dog!!!!! šŸ’™

    1. First day home and no accidents! None! He’s not all shakey and nervous but he prefers being wrapped in a blanket and held like a baby to running around for now. I cant wait to see him grow some haor and come out of his shell!

  2. Oh he is so cute!! I can’t wait to see him dressed up for halloween. Its true, he is the luckiest dog in the world! I like his name.

  3. He is an adorable addition to the family! I think all of you are lucky to have found each other! Good eye, Finn! I don’t know if you remember Mecca, my mom’s dog when we were in college, but she was a Shih Tzu mix that came to us as a stray and Sarah’s current dog is a Shih Tzu mix. The 2 out of 2 I’ve known are good, sweet dogs so I’m sure Romeo will bump my good Shih Tzu data up to 3 out of 3!! šŸ™‚ He would be perfect in a Chewbacca or an Ewok costume!!! So excited for you guys and can’t wait to meet that little fella one day!

  4. He will really start to sparkle and shine, and probably feel a bit perkier/playful, in a few days time! Laid back, chill dogs rock!!! It took Lilly about 3 days to completely come out of her shell when we brought her home at 5 months old and about a year later before she ever barked, which was our first time away from home with her on a beach vacation! Romeo sounds like he will live up to his name as soon as is he is feeling 100%!

  5. Lilly is a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. She’d be called a ‘Cavachon’ in the “designer dog” world but most people look at us like we have three noses on our face if we say that word! Lilly is not a chic designer dog, she is a runt that was taken from her momma too soon. Most Cavachons are a little bigger than her but she barely hits 10 lbs. We think she’s PERFECT!!!

  6. We have a wonderful little dog named Missy. She is the BEST, SMARTEST, MOST LOVING of any dog we have ever known, and is half shih tzu and half something else, perhaps toy poodle. She looks so much like your baby and I’m so happy you found her. I sometimes find myself embarrassed at how much love flows between us.

  7. I was never really a “dog” person until Ern and I married-now I can’t imagine life without furbabies around us-can’t wait to read your blogs about Romeo and family!!

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