To my person in rehab (PIR)

Since you’ve been away I’ve lost four pounds so I think rehab is working. I also brought this guy home.

We aren’t quite sure what it is but it seems to be growing a beard. Our vet will see him in the morning and take a guess tho we may not know until his hair grows back in. According to the Internet he’s a Shiffon. That is a Brussels griffon and shih tzu hybrid. We are liking the way that sounds!

Romeo Romeo what for art though Romeo? Deny thy history and refuse thy pound and I’ll no longer let you be a lone Shiffon!

Romeo has finally relaxed enough to sleep deeply today. That is Finn’s tiny hand on his really tiny head. I think the orb is his guardian angel since he’s a creature in need. He will let the light in and so will you. Just relax and let in the light.


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