My fur babies are making progress. Each day they get a little closer together. A little less aloof. A little more cozy.


Romeo spent the morning at our own vet today and the news wasn’t all good. He’s was much more neglected and mistreated than we thought. He has scars on the outside I hadn’t noticed since I’ve been focused on the wounds of his little heart. He has an infection and a few other fixable things so we came home with several meds that should put him to rights. The one thing we can’t fix is his age. He’s an old man. The vet thinks he is 8 or 9. That doesn’t change his gentle spirit or impeccable manners, but it does shorten our time with him. I’m trying not to be sad about that today. I’m trying to just be happy that he finally found his way home.

8 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. Don’t be sad, you have many more years with that cute little gentleman because small dogs typically have a longer life span than big dogs! I hate to hear that he has scars and infections but you guys will love him to good health in no time! Hugs to Romeo!

  2. I honestly tear up at the thought of his journey to your family. I have seen you and your sweet lie-lie smile every day for many many years. I am thankful that you are the family that romeo has! 8 is not young, but not old either for a tiny dog. I was lucky to have my girl for 14 years, and my friend pam just lost hers after 17 years. He found you, he needed you, and you needed him. anyway you look at it, you both hit the jackpot. I love animals, and nothing makes my heart happier than a sweet pup tale.

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