Guest Writer

Hey peeps, it’s LieLie. Just wanted to you know… WELCOME OUR NEW DOG!!!!! That’s right our new D.O.G! I’m so happy because before he was mistreated and ( get ready for his story) abused. šŸ˜” His owner finally surrendered him to the pound saying he was three or four and could no longer care for him because of her twins. Then a lady who worked at a Rottweiler rescue saw him and his matted fur took him to the rescue got him shaved and put him on petfinder saying please adopt him. Later after he was adopted by us šŸ˜ and we found out at vet that he was eight or nine so we don’t know how much of what his former owners testimony was true. Anywho give a warm welcome to Romeo! Here’s some pictures from today:




1 thought on “Guest Writer”

  1. Welcome home, Romeo, with your cute little Yoda face!!! You are going to be so loved and spoiled in your new home!

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