Things I learned this week:

Mercury is in retrograde. I’m not into astrology so that didn’t seem important but so many people have said that to me in the last few days that I finally looked it up. Farmers almanac says it causes poor communication and fritzed out electronics. So it must be true! I’m plagued with both afflictions this week! Bad text and fried computers are my locusts.

Applying what I know about allergic children works on pets, too. There are dog specific probiotics and fish oil supplements, who knew?! Romeo’s skin is healing right up and his weight is up to ten pounds/4.5 kilos! Appie has been switched to a diet of foods previously uneaten in an attempt to quiet his asthma. This was Heidi’s idea since her dog is on the kangaroo diet! Appie is now eating only rabbit and sweet potato and green beans. Bizarrely enough he is loving it. Day three without a breathing treatment!!!! Both creatures are grain free and as much as it sounds trendy and silly, gluten free seems to be a really positive thing for four out of six members of Famille Steenhuyse.

I’ve learned that middle schoolers go used clothes shopping and latte drinking like hipsters. They bring their own money and remember to pack epi pens and water without being told. Strangers don’t abduct them and they text back and helicopter parents live thru it.

I’ve also realized that no matter how many times I say to put on your coat, no one listens except for Romeo. No. One. Not even the neighbors.




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