Times are a changin’

Finn’s front teeth are going to fall out any minute. They are literally hanging by a thread and sticking out of his mouth at strange angles. I’m trying to be OK with this. His face will change so much when permanent teeth grace his grin. He will start to look like his permanent self and the last vestiges of his baby face will fade away. I grieved his fat thighs, his toothless smile, his dimpled hands and his ringlet curls. But I will grieve his front teeth more. I will get over it and the tooth fairy will probably forget to come (she is notorious for being a slacker at my house) and I will be thankful for everyday he’s alive and well. But it is so hard to let go. RIP little baby teeth and RIP my first era of motherhood.

In other news, Mr Snaggletooth is home sick with a fever and snuggled up with an equally snaggle toothed Ewok. They are watching Tora! Tora! Tora! Finn is reading the sub titles to Romeo with a variety of Axis accents. I’m grading papers and trying not to laugh at such seriousness.

Meanwhile, Coralie, who is about to loose her very, very last baby tooth has decided that knee socks = winter pants. She looks adorable but it is so hard not to get down on my knees and yell to the heavens “for the love of all that is holy, put on a winter coat!!”

Sidebar: scientist have discovered that happy tears and sad tears look completely different under a microscope. The saline content and composition is drastically different, though both are beautiful when magnified. The sad tears look like broken snowflakes. Last night when Finn was feeling too miserable to sleep he said “broken snowflakes are falling on my cheeks”. Mine too, baby boy, mine, too.



6 thoughts on “Times are a changin’”

    1. They both LOVE their mammoth shirts!!!! Writing is my therapy, who knew! When winter is over my post will surely get less angsty! Right now the wind sounds like it is about to blow my house down. Xo

  1. You may still have some time…Mitchell’s front tooth dangled for SO long!! He would put it over his lip like Nanny McPhee. Finally, his teacher said, “Please don’t bring him back to school until his tooth is out. I can’t look at it another day!” Oh and just for the record, I am an expert at excuses for why the tooth fairy didn’t show. Our tooth fairy was, perhaps, the lamest tooth fairy ever!!!!!!! Feel free to call me anytime!! ❤

    1. I may be calling really soon for a tooth fairy excuse. I’m totally out of ideas for why she failed to show, why she left you a pack of saltines, how your tooth ended up in the coffee pot of your grandparents condo in Normandy, why I was climbing all over your bunk bed like a lemur and scaring away the fairy…..lol about the teacher and the tooth. Xo

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