Dear person in rehab (PIR)

I can’t get you off of my mind today. You’ve been there for two and a half weeks. That seems like a lifetime to me. I miss phone tag and two minute conversations where someone screams “don’t put that in the oven/dishwasher/sibling/drain” and then we hang up. I would imagine that things are just starting to get tough in there. Reality is probably kicking in. Just know that reality is not all that bad. Yes, it is messy and loud. But everyone is too worried about their own chaos/wins/losses/ to be worrying about yours. When you come home, join me in my total disregard for trying to achieve perfection. Lower your standards for dinner, housekeeping, wrinkled brows, matching dishes, and handicrafts. Well, you might not be capable of stinking at the housekeeping arts as much as me even if you try, but you can still lower your standards. We can’t be our moms or our dads cuz we have to be some of both. Just know that I salute you for trying to do it all but no one can. It takes away all the fun. So go ahead and feed people cereal for all three meals, don’t decorate for Easter, let the laundry pile up to the roof. I will still love you. Just like you have always loved me. You have always loved me just as I am. Think about it. I love you just the same way. We all do.

Are you allowed to run in rehab? Running is a good thing (for you). Personally I prefer prancersizing with Romeo. But that is just me…..

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