The day drags on

Kid number two has a fever. She walked in the door and keeled over into bed like a tree felled by an ax. Felled by cooties actually.

Finn is reducing his fever in a tepid bath so I’m stuck in the bathroom making sure he doesn’t pass out and sink. So in my boredom I am composing bad haikus. Since it is your lucky day I’m going to tell you one:

Oh, cootie, you minx
Please bugger off and die now
You have made your point

In other news, after ten years I’ve earned my bonafieds at University of Phoenix. This came by special delivery today and was a nice surprise. It has been a long while since I’ve gotten anything with a gold seal.


5 thoughts on “The day drags on”

  1. Congratulations Prof Steenhuyse!!
    That is awesome😍
    So sorry about you all being sick. Ruby has fever and sore throat tonight too😞

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