Cootie update

Finn’s strep did indeed turn into scarlet fever but he’s responding well to meds. Lielie and I went to the doctor this morning, and we are both being treate for strep, too! Time to invest in a barrel of bleach and some new tooth brushes. Luckily Alex is home to be our nurse and Romeo and Appie like to snuggle people with fevers. 24 hours from now we will be partying like it is 1999. I’m just sure of it.

Meanwhile, in the Florida Keys my 11 year old nephew is getting his Civil
War on. Oh, how I love that boy.



Today I am so thankful for Kindles, Netflix, antibiotics and resiliency. And NyQuil. I am currently day drinking NyQuil so I will probably love everything and everyone soon.

An old friend put this on my Facebook page yesterday. Look at her little baby fairy face. Xoxo

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