Guest writer

Hey peeps, its Lielie. today we went to the doctor because I’m sick ( dag nabbit!) and then to the grocery store and even though it was pretty uneventful I made something out of it! So it started with going to the door ( duh ) and a man said here take my shopping cart the shopping carts were the ones that you put a coin in so he basically just saved us 25 cents! Later we got three bags of beans for the food drive at my school and I said
“Hey, we just payed it forward!” We used the same shopping cart that the guy gave us for free to buy dinner for someone! Also I amused myself by taking pictures of three foods you REALLY should not buy. With out further ado here they are:



The moral of my tale is PAY IT FORWARD because today it made my day. 😊

5 thoughts on “Guest writer”

  1. What a great trip to the store you had!! Even though you weren’t feeling the best you made it awesome!! The world is a better place because you and your family are in it!!

  2. Where were you that you had to pay for a cart??
    Love your desire to pay it forward!! Hope you feel better tomorrow.
    Love you so much xoxo

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