Quote of the day

Me “did you have a nice rest?”

Finn ” yeah, I read Hiroshima, A Survivors Tale”

Me “that doesn’t sound very cheerful”

Finn “what do you mean? It was about a SURVIVOR!”

Me “um, ok, what are you going to
do now?”

Finn “I’m inventing airmines, like the ones underwater to sink subs but to send in the air on drones. They can get in the air faster than planes and there could be a lot of them around Pearl Harbor or the Whitehouse”

Here is my brain on parenting

*****sidebar- I’m in bed with a fever so my parenting consists of listening for screams and periodically sniffing the air for smoke.


Thank goodness this guy just lays here and snuggles his blanket and can’t talk.


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day”

  1. Just read your posts of the week. They are fantastic even tho’ all of you are much sicker than the dog! I so hope that Finn doesn’t suffer lasting effects from the scarlett fever. Where did you guys run into such horrific germs? Were latex or nitrile drugs and masks when you go out! I hope that all are better soon and cannot believe how lucky you got with Romeo. He rocks! Bella regresses. Then just as I am about to become totally exasperated and give up on her, she progresses by leaps and bounds.

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