Me myself and I

I’m trying to wrap my brain around some self improvement strategies and finding it difficult. For example: my hair looks like it is 1978 and I’ve been living in a yurt for ten years. Too long, accidental gray highlights and crispy ends. But hair styles are expensive, require a babysitter, three hours of free time and a plan. It is money that could pay for Romeo’s dental treatment (he has lots of teeth that need pulling when he is strong enough) or my medical bills that are already pouring in for the new year. 150 bucks could buy lots of beans for the soup kitchen or pay for a karate scholarship for a whole semester for a kid who NEEDS it. Or 150 bucks could make me look much better. I want to spray tan and Botox and highlight and get new shoes. I really do. But I’m too tired and it makes me feel so guilty. But then there are my kids and my husband. He didn’t marry a homeless looking wife. My kids don’t need to be taught that their camps and classes and personal needs are worth my time and money but mine are not. That is a terrible example for them. So I feel I’ve lost my way in these areas. I’ve become unbalanced and have the bad hair to show for it. So here it is! Self awareness number 86578, but now what?

Gray highlights on both of our heads but I don’t have fur to hide the bags and wrinkles…


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