Life really is a box of chocolates

In the wee hours of the this morning I heard one loud bark from Finn’s room. I leapt out of bed and went running in there thinking if Romeo had found his voice and barked then surely Timmy was in the well and his inner Lassie was coming out. Romeo was sound asleep (do dogs bark in their sleep?) so I probably dreamed it. But either way Finn was gone. I found him downstairs watching a video about how to determine if rocks are meteorites and relaxing on the couch. Finn seemed genuinely surprised that it wasn’t the morning and we went back to bed. But neither one of us could sleep again. Days that start at 4 am don’t go well in my experience and this one hasn’t. I won’t bore you with the details but when he wakes up from his nap I plan to ground him until he’s 6 and a half. I have a wicked headache and I’ve cried real broken snowflake tears, face down on my bed today, because failing at motherhood even a little bit rips me to pieces.

But there was a bright shiny wonderful moment in this day. Alex and I went to LieLie’s student lead conference at school. Instead of meeting with her teachers for information about her progress, we met with her. She explained what she’d been learning, shared examples, did a wonderful interactive presentation on the big screen and showed grace and aplomb beyond her years. Her teacher was beaming and I shed a few happy tears there out of sheer amazed pride. Here is her mission statement. Hard to head I know, but it was pink and green so this was the best I could do:)


8 thoughts on “Life really is a box of chocolates”

  1. Best mission statement EVER!!! I hope you felt better and dried your broken snowflake tears after reading that today! And, yes, dogs can bark in their sleep/dreams!

  2. See Jana, this is a proof that you are not failing at motherhood. Not one teeny tiny bit! You are amazing! Like I’ve said many times, I want to believe in reincarnation so I can come back as your kid. But then again, being your friend in this life is just as good!

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