Right now

It is cold and windy and there is no school today. So Appie cat stayed in bed. He’s worn out from his new routine. When we walk Romeo he comes along, runs ahead of us a few feet, climbs the trees that line the sidewalk then leaps on us as we walk by. This is particularly effective at night since there are no street lights.

Romeo is worn out, too, apparently. He can’t even be bothered to put his head out from under his blankets. Somewhere underneath this is a dog in a bed. Romeo likes the cold as much as I do, 0%.

Then there are of these wee grommets, trapped indoors by howling winds watching Chicken Run. Too cold for anything but piling up under blankets and eating cornbread. Thank goodness for fire and claymation and friends.

This is one of those days that I wish I knew how to knit. But instead I will grade 100 essays and bake more cornbreads since I may have accidentally made gallons of batter and I only have one bread pan….

2 thoughts on “Right now”

  1. Looks like a great day to me! About Appie Cat, people don’t realize that cats like to go on walks, but I’ve had three different ones that love it. I feel sorry for poor Suki now because we live in town. She can go out, but I can’t take her for a walk down the street with the cars. In the country we used to go on long walks in the woods and she would go ahead of me and then howl so I would hurry up. Humans are so slow and clumsy…

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