To cold to cope

I couldn’t type this if I didn’t possess some totally rad, alpaca fur, artisanal, fingerless gloves. No school again today because the old school house was too cool for school. Literally. Finn and I went shopping for a book about shih tzu care and grooming. This was meant to be somewhat of a wild goose chase so that we could be out and about but indoors. But we found two and a video at the first stop. Omg! I had no idea Romeo was suppose to look like this:

Bless it! We can’t even keep Finn’s hair under control. We bought some spray on conditioner for dogs, which Finn promptly sprayed on his own head, so maybe that will help them both….we also learned that another name for Romeo is Tibetan Lion. That might be pushing it since after watching the poor guy try to navigate the ice rink (yard) and slide down a hill into a frozen azalea bush, Alex said “we might need to get that poor rodent some boots. ” To which I replied “I almost got some today but I wasn’t sure about the size!” He just stared at me like I had three heads. They were Chewbacca boots, people!! Who wouldn’t want those?! They also had an Ewok sweatshirt and a Darth Vader fair isle sweater but neither in a medium. I had to remind myself very firmly that this did not make the world unjust. But you know and I know that he needed those! Until he grows his curtain of hair anyway. So then Romeo finished his man business on ice and came right up to me wagging his tail while he laid his head on the ground by my shoe. He doesn’t have much of a grasp on the whole happy dog thing yet but wagging is new and exciting so I broke into some interpretive dance type demonstration of head up, tail wagging happy dog behavior. Then Alex says “did you just say he was a good boy for wagging his tail?” To which I replied quite seriously in my teacher voice that we were training him to display appropriate happy dog behaviors and that this was real progress. Then they both stared at me like I had three heads and I realized how insane I have surely become. But call me crazy, that dog was wagging!!!


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