PS to the post below

At the eye doctor today Finn put on some pink Ray Bans and sauntered up to the optician and said “do you have these in tortoise shell?”  The man said yes and I asked him what in the world he knew about tortoise shell?! Finn said “I know I like it!”  Oh my, I do love that boy.  I love his sister, too. After the eye doctor we hit Whole Foods for a snack and a giant pie for our auto mechanic, Jimmy, since the next stop was the garage to pick up my van. (Shout out to Jimmy’s Mobile Auto whom I love enough to buy organic pie!) Finn got a muffin and LieLie came back with a 12 inch rosemary chicken and vegetable sub.  It made me so happy. My girl loves a tasty meal and isn’t afraid to go get one! If only she would let me take her picture! But since I don’t have a picture of her to share I will sign off with a picture of my feelings. 

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