All is well that ends well

Today I visited three doctors, a pharmacy and a laboratory. It all took forever and everything was in a different town from each other and it was raining. All I could think the whole time was how thankful I was that I had insurance and cash money and access to really good specialist, medications, and vitamins and a car to get there. I could make soup and sandwiches from a stocked fridge when I got home for my gimpy kids and hug my dog that I won’t ever have to eat during a zombie invasion. I love America despite her flaws and I love my life even when it kind of sucks. I am blessed and I am lucky and I am thankful. They say that there are no athiest in a fox hole but there are no athiest in a minivan full of sick kids either. 

If a woodpecker can fly with a weasel on its back, I can handle a couple of sick kids. 

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