Guest blogger- Finn! age 6

Hi this is Finn. I lost my tooth and it was warm today


I wrote a story called The Tale of Ducky MoeMoe and His Dad Finn. (Typed on the iPhone by mommy)

Once upon a time there was a dog. His name was Ducky MoeMoe. Ducky MoeMoe had a dad dog and a mom duck. Ducky MoeMoe could not wag or bark or swim or fly. Ducky MoeMoe did not fit in anywhere. Ducky MoeMoe was sad. He was lonely. Then he met Finn who said he didn’t have to swim or fly or bark or wag to live with him. He would be his dad and he was fine just like he was to be with humans. The end. 

Here is Ducky MoeMoe

5 thoughts on “Guest blogger- Finn! age 6”

  1. The tooth…it’s out!! It looks like the one beside it is not far behind! Ms. Nancy can’t wait to see that toothless boy!! We’re coming for a couple of days over spring break so that McKenna can shadow Aunt Kara at Finn’s cool school!!

  2. Congrats on your tooth and story, Finn!! You and little Ducky MoeMoe are such lucky guys to have each other!

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