My boy made it through the night without a fever and woke up in fine spirits. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words. Then he announced that today was the day to give his hair to Locks of Love. No teeth and no hair! He said that “today I feel new.” Such music to my ears from the boy who who has been wallowing around sick for more than a week!!!! Oh how I love this boy, shaggy or not. 


3 thoughts on “Woohoo!!!!”

  1. Wow!!!!!! He looks so totally different!!! And so very handsome! With or without hair or teeth he is beautiful, but the haircut is just awesome. He looks so totally new and vibrant. I think I love that boy almost as much as you do. Thanks to your faithful blogging, all of us Finn and Lielie admirers have the grand pleasure to share their lives and watch them grow. sniff… smile…

    1. He woke up and said today was the day after being quite haircut resistant. On the way to the salon he told Siri to pull up pictures of Robert Downey Jr., and picked that hair do out and that was it! So decisive and calm. It never occurred to me that sometimes little people need to be new as well. They love you too Magen.

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