Man soap

Finn said he wanted bubble bath for men. Being the dutiful parent that I am I looked for some at CVS. There are literally scores of them! But these were by far the winners. Hats off to Old Spice for the mottos “fresher than coconuts and daydreams”, “beargloves for commanding men” and “fresher than wilderness and freedom!”  If that isn’t winning then I don’t know what is! Personally, I have never been fresher than beargloves and daydreams, I wouldn’t even try!!

But sadly they were not all natural, not even the Denali blend, so he had to settle for some all natural bubble bath that smells like, well absolutely nothing actually, and won’t make him grow a third eye when he soaks it it and accidentally ingests it while accidentally flooding the bathroom. Hopefully the brill cream I got him for his new hair do will make up for it. It smells like grandpas who may or may not have been to Fiji in the Great War. 

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