Winter is not my friend. After a bright shiny day the cold overcast one breaks my heart and sends me back to my light box like a seagull to a French fry. 

But there are signs of spring- like this smiling middle schooler who has an extra dog for the weekend

And this Easter egg sky and candy colored trees

I’m trying to sound cheerful when I really want to run away to a sunny beach near the equator and never ever wear a jacket and socks again. I hate socks. 

1 thought on “Today”

  1. You know I am so with you on the winter thing Jana! It’s like that here now too. One sunny day and I am on top of the world and giggling for no real reason, and then the gray and we returns and I slump, even cry for no real reason. Let’s move to some cheap beach place, like Costa Rica. We can find something to sell from a cart on the beach to earn a living, and then even Alex could stay home. I would be your sisterwife and we would just get tan and take care of the happy tribe. Yes, it is a gray day here and I am dreaming…

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