2nd day of spring

Spring has arrived and with it comes crazy weather changes, soccer, shorts that are too short, concert rehearsals and always, always wearing the wrong clothes. There is no way to wear the right clothes when the temperature changes 40 degrees in 8 hours.  But it isn’t winter so hooray!!!! Soon my mood will lift and I will wonder why I thought life was so hard and my mood was so grim when everything is awesome. I will go from Scrooge to the dude from the Lego movie without wine, chocolate or Prozac! But for now I present to you the first Saturday of spring!



A foggy morning walk to the soccer field 


 A new soccer ball that came in an awesome hat box. 


 A sleepy dog helping with the laundry

 A girl singing her heart  out in an empty church.  

And the day ending with dirty bare feet in the yard.  I love bare feet. 

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