It will be fine. 

LieLie just lost her very last baby tooth. I’m so very sad because it is the end of her babyness and the tooth fairy never really did right by her. In fact, we forgot the matching tooth at the Steenhuyse condo in Normandy last summer. It never even made it under a pillow. LieLie is just as sad as I am because now she will get her braces on. It all just happens so fast and I’m never ready. Mentally preparing for how you will feel when something happens does not work. I try to remind myself of that when I’m worrying about future events but that doesn’t work either. So here we are crying about a tooth that has been loose for months. 

Please let my precious girl’s adult teeth be strong and effective for her for as long as she needs them. May they never be knocked loose in a battle, weakened by want or dirty due to circumstances she can’t control. Amen


As you can see the blood and tears have been very stressful for MoMo and Appie……. 


5 thoughts on “It will be fine. ”

  1. Love these kids- but you just have to slow down this growing up stuff…. Tho my money is on them turning out superbly!

      1. Hello Manny! I hope you’ve had a lovely Passover! I count my blessings everyday, even the darkest days. I think of you often and I hope you and your ladies are doing well. Lord knows it must pain you to read my unproofed blog! When you type it all out on a phone proofreading is too tiresome! Xo

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